Date night jar: Making time for your partner♡

It’s so easy to get bogged down in life. Especially when you have a busy life. Get up, kiss good morning to your partner,eat breakfast, go to work,come home,eat tea,clean,wash up,catch up on social media,catch up on tv, go to sleep. How can one day pass by so quickly? And then another. And then the full week. Did I even see my partner for more than an hour today? Properly? Of course its nice to just be around the one you love,not speaking,just doing day to day things,in fact I think that’s a necessity! But it’s easy to get into that rut of spending time with them without spending time with them,you know? 

I adore my partner. He is everything to me. We’ve been together just over 5 and a half years and I would do absolutely anything for him. I love walking up to him. Going to sleep with him. Spending all those in between moments with him. But I don’t see him much during the week due to my working hours. So it’s really important to make the time count during the weekend and holidays. 

Date night jar♡

So, we ordered our very own little date night jar! 

I bought this for £10 including P&P (£15 all together) from a gorgeous little website called filled with love

There are different coloured sticks with keyed categories attached. And each stick has a date idea written on.


♡  Blue- Inexpensive- Under £30

♡  Yellow- Days out

♡ Purple- Stay in 

♡ Green- Special treat 

♡ Red- More expensive 

♡ Orange- Couple must do’s

On Sunday we’re going to choose our first stick! We’re going to choose either a yellow or purple one depending on the weather. 

It’s got some wonderful ideas and I can’t wait! 

It’s so so important to spend time with the one you love. Like I say it’s so easy to spend time with someone without really spending time with them. Make it count. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Be fun. Love deeply. 

I’ll be keeping you posted on what we get up too on Sunday! 

P.s- Go remind someone you love them,♡

Have a wonderful day yourselves, it’s nearly the weekend if anything! 💋

A letter to your lost loved one. And yes, I 100% believe they are reading this. 

Unfortunately, I know only too well about the letter I’m about to write. I’m writing to my brother. Make it your own when reading as you will. We’ve all felt it. Sad. Angry. Guilty. Sorry. Depressed. Your not alone. If you’ve lost someone,however you may be feeling,you are not alone.

Dear brother. 

I miss you. I miss you so much. I miss you more than I ever imagined I could miss someone. 

I’m angry you left. It’s now been just over 2 years and honesty. I’m angry. You died. I’m here. 

When you first left this world, I couldn’t see past my anger. I hated the world. I hated you. I hated me. I hated everyone in sight to be perfectly honest. I had no happiness left. I thought that would never change. 

Time doesn’t heal, it never will, time only pushes you into a better direction. A healthier direction. Sometimes anyway, I guess. At first, when you left me, I cried every day, nearly all day. I went to work thinking I need to crash my car today. There was a certain bend on the motorway I took every week and every day I thought ‘today’s the day’. That day never came. You have a son. You didn’t even know she was pregnant but he saved me. He saved us all. 

Days passed and every month on the 9th, the date you died. I sobbed. I had panic attacks. I stared into thin air. A year came. It was hell. During that time, I had counselling. I’m sure you will have been happy about that. You will have been with me. But at the time you see I never felt like that. I didn’t care what ‘you would want’ I was so angry at you I just didn’t care. I only thought. Well your not here. I am. So I’ll feel this way. You have no say.

I miss everything we should be doing. I miss meeting you. I miss crying to you. I miss fighting with you. I miss the hugs. The laughs. The arguments. The love. The complete pure love. I miss been the most important person to you. I miss been your favourite. I miss being your sister. I miss driving in the car with you. I miss watching tv with you. I miss seeing you. I miss your presence. I miss your voice. 

I know now your there somewhere. I know your here I just can’t see you. My angels help me. You help me. Your just in another world. I’ve seen you before. In my living room. I’m not mad, I saw you. Don’t ever think anyone would take your place because no-one could. Your you. There’s only one you. 

My faith in my angels helps now. Although I was in such a dark place when I lost you. And will always be in some ways, because your not here. And there are no words in this world to express how much I miss you and how I feel. Your my brother. But I’m now reading my angel books and spiritual reads. It helps. It makes me feel closer to you. 

I love you from the bottom of my heart and will forever until I see you again. And when I see you I’ll love you even more if my heart will let me! Forever your sister. Forever my brother. X

Here goes; The children in our lives

Well, here we are.

I’m sat at my end of the screen hoping your going to enjoy reading my first post. Your sat at your end of the screen hoping it can only get better!

Firstly I would like to talk about little people. Do you have a little person in your life? A son, daughter, niece, nephew, child next door you kinda don’t mind? 

I’ve worked with children all my working life (6 years) I don’t know why I made myself out to be old and wise then. And it’s all I’ve ever known really. I’ve worked in 2 Nurserys and now I’m a Nanny. And wouldn’t change it for the world. 


Your doing an AWSOME job! Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like your not. Your powerful, your caring, your a little crazy, your fun, you cry, they cry, you get covered in poop-it’s not even your own! You sacrifice, you win, you fail. IT’S ALL OKAY. Im not a mum. I cant even pretend to talk as if I know 100% what your role is. But I am a Nanny, I see first hand. I’ve worked in nurserys along side families. Families who have no troubles. Families who have all the troubles. I see you sore, I see you crash. But I promise your AMAZING. 


(Claps a million claps)

Wow. You’re already winning at life. Congratulations. All hail the nursery nurse. Seriously. I bow to you. I’ve been there. I’ve cleaned the snot. I’ve wiped the poo. I’ve fallen in the poo. I swear one time I had poo on my face. I’ve read the same book thousands of times. I’ve calmed children down when they’re hysterical. I’ve thought children all I could teach. I’ve saved a child’s life once. Yep. Scary. I’ve done so much paper work it was coming out my ears. I wiped tears. I created tears. Usually my own! I’ve had chairs thrown at me. I’ve been bitten. Oh the list goes on.. BUT there’s a point to my rambling. THESE CHILDREN ARE NOT OUR OWN. Yet we still love them unconditionally and fiercley as if they were. We still treat them as if they were. We cry when they leave for school. We go through all the emotions. Which is why you are completely amazing. And so under appreciated. You are awesome! 


You have the best job. The child is not your own. You kinda see them as your own..but they’re not.but that’s okay! That only means you can spoil them rotten and not look like your doing a bad job! They cry, you say come here! You dont have to worry and fuss over been the authorative dominant one. You just have fun. Go crazy. Play. Joke. Pick on them! Cuddle them. Love them so there’s no love left! Oh you have the best job. I have that job, I have a nephew. He is my world! Go you, keep having fun! 


Hats off. Seriously. Your incredible. Not only are you saving children on a daily basis, from life to a broken arm. You are always enthusiastic. You should be appreciated. You are so special. Don’t forget that. The children appreciate you, the parents appreciate you. Never forget how special you really are!

There are MANY more roles. Wonderful roles I’ve not even mentioned. But I’m leaving it there. I don’t want to ramble too much! 

Children are pretty awsome. They bring so much happiness to our lives. Their beautiful little souls who just need our help to shape them. Appreciate the little people in your life. They are AMAZING☆